Get to know us

Quantum Computing Worldwide is a leading organization at the forefront of the quantum computing industry, committed to pushing the boundaries of this field through groundbreaking research and development. Our main focus is to unlock the immense potential of quantum computing and utilize it to overcome intricate challenges faced by various industries. By harnessing the unique properties of quantum mechanics, we strive to develop innovative solutions that will revolutionize the way we approach problems and transform traditional computing methodologies. Through our dedication to advancing the field and relentless pursuit of knowledge, we aim to shape the future of technology and drive advancements that will have a lasting impact on numerous sectors.

Our mission

Our mission revolves around leveraging the power of quantum computing to address industry-specific challenges. Through our dedicated research and development endeavors, we aim to harness the potential of quantum predictive models in transforming various sectors, including data collection, targeted advertising, logistics, healthcare, military defense, biomedical, bioengineering, and finance. We firmly believe that quantum computing capabilities hold the key to revolutionizing these industries and unlocking new avenues for growth and innovation. By focusing on solving industry-specific problems, we strive to make a lasting impact on these sectors and drive positive change through the application of cutting-edge technology.

Our vision

Our mission is to make Quantum Computing as a Service readily available to industries that desire to utilize the potential of quantum predictive models. We strive to democratize the access to quantum computing resources that are both accessible and scalable, enabling a wider range of sectors to benefit from this groundbreaking technology. Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the adoption of quantum computing across different industries, empowering them to leverage the immense power and capabilities of quantum predictive models. With our services, businesses can tap into the transformative potential of quantum computing and unlock new possibilities for innovation and advancement.

Our team

The Quantum Computing Worldwide team is a dynamic group of professionals at the forefront of quantum computing research and development. Led by Joe Reyes, an accomplished quantum physicist and hardware engineer, they are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of quantum technology. With Brian McKim as the Business Development Manager, they forge strategic partnerships and explore industry applications. Guided by the visionary leadership of Deagen Demientieff, who serves as both CEO/CFO and Software Architect, the team combines technical expertise, business acumen, and financial acuity to drive the company's growth. Together, they aim to revolutionize industries through cutting-edge quantum computing solutions and provide Quantum Computing as a Service to organizations worldwide.


CEO/CFO and Software Architect

Deagen Demientieff, the visionary leader at Quantum Computing Worldwide, serves as both the CEO/CFO and Software Architect. With a background in software engineering and financial expertise, Deagen brings a unique skill set to the company. As the CEO/CFO, Deagen oversees the overall strategy, financial management, and operational aspects of the business. Simultaneously, as the Software Architect, Deagen oversees the development teams that design the software infrastructure, programming frameworks, and algorithms for quantum computing applications. Deagen's ability to bridge technology and business ensures the company's success for investors.


Quantum Computing Research Scientist/Lead Quantum Hardware Engineer

Joe Reyes, an experienced and accomplished quantum physicist, leads the research efforts at Quantum Computing Worldwide. With a degree in general physics and technical management as well as a strong background in quantum algorithms and computational mathematics, Joe brings a deep understanding of the field. He stays at the forefront of quantum advancements, leads experiments, and develops novel solutions to industry challenges. Joe's expertise and passion drive the scientific innovation at Quantum Computing Worldwide.

In addition to his role as a research scientist, Joe Reyes also takes on the responsibilities of a Quantum Hardware Engineer at Quantum Computing Worldwide. Leveraging his expertise in quantum physics and engineering, Joe plays a vital role in designing, developing, and testing the physical components and architectures required for quantum computation. His hands-on approach and dedication to optimizing quantum hardware systems contribute to the company's technological advancements.


Business Development Manager

Brian McKim, a seasoned professional in business development, takes charge of expanding Quantum Computing Worldwide's reach and establishing strategic collaborations. With a strong track record in identifying industry opportunities, Brian excels at building relationships with potential partners. His keen understanding of the needs and challenges across different sectors allows him to tailor solutions and drive successful partnerships. Brian's strategic vision and strong communication skills are key to Quantum Computing Worldwide's growth.